Christiane Voith

Christiane Voith is founder of PUUL Design and PUUL Consultancy. She is well experienced in textile and clothing manufacturing processes in developing countries and emerging markets as well as in design processes in the industry in large and small scales.

As Diplom Fashion and Textile Designer from University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein Halle, Germany, she managed to adapt her skills and knowledge to challenging value chain processes in African countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda and South Africa and Southeast Europe (Serbia, Ukraine) where she worked with international and local textile and clothing industry on behalf of the German Development Cooperation.
Besides her contribution to support and implement dual training and education Christiane Voith follows her passion in building a sustainable environment in craft and design projects and industry by respecting the heritage. She rebuilt a significant art and craft school for Black Southern African talents in South Africa with associated workshops and production facilities for fashion, textiles, ceramics, prints etc.

She was co-founder and project manager of the Fair Fashion Lab Initiative in Saxony / Germany in 2019. The project is one of 11 sustainable fashion and textile idea winners in 2019 which has been initiated by Rat für Nachhaltigkeit Germany. The initiative works on various activities to challenge and change the way of thinking and behaving regarding the apparel value chain like fashion consumption, clothing manufacturing, trading and creation. The initiative activates people for a positive move and perception about sustainable fashion.

Christiane Voith lectured about design and project management
  at various universities in South Africa, Ethiopia and Germany and supports research projects and documentaries about African artists and art initiatives.