Recent Projects

1 Implementation of the Strategic Alliance within the Textile and Education Sector
The Ethiopian government is planning to build 10 Industry Parks in the country.
At the moment the main Industry Park (HIP) for apparel production is located in Hawassa which hosts most of the international garment manufacturers.
The project will establish a training and qualification option for supervision and middle management positions in cooperation with the investors association of the park’s companies.
Industrial Park Hawassa

Photos: Industrial Park, Hawassa

2 Revision of Occupational Standards for Garment & Fashion Industry in Ethiopia
In Cooperation with the Federal TVET Agency FTA, Ethiopian Textile Industry Develpment Institute ETIDI and Ethiopian Textile and Garment Manufacturers’ Association ETGAMA
August 2017 – pre
Hawassa, Cooperative Training
Hawassa Indusrial Park, Garment Factory, Training line

The  project focus: To strengthening the vocational education sector in Ethiopia by:
– Providing best practice tools and guidelines
– Capacitating national VET stakeholders in applying these tools and
– By bridging the gap between the Private Sector and the VET sector
with the major goal of a grwing employment rate of young Ethiopians and a improved perspective of income-generating employment.

3 African Sourcing and Fashion Week ASFW 2017, Addis Ababa
October 2017

ASFW 2017



Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome at ASFW 2017

Managing the overall design of the pavilion “Sustainable Textiles” in corporation with eTex (GIZ) and Textilbündnis (Germany)
African Sourcing & Fashion Week 2017
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Photos: S. Wulfinghoff a,b / Christiane Voith c,d / Ⓒ2017